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100% Organic Ashoka Bark Powder (Saraca Indica) 1/2 LB, 08 Oz, 227g

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$ 16.29/ 0.5LB
Botanical Name Saraca Indica
Other Names Saracaka Indica, Asoka, Saraca Indica
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About the product


  • 100% Organic Ashoka Bark Powder. Botanical Name: Saraca Indica

  • Strengthens and tones the uterus
  • Promotes regular menstruation
  • Supports a healthy, comfortable monthly flow* Promotes healthy ovarian and endometrial tissue
  • Process in FDA Registered Facility with highest standards. Certified Organic under USDA Organic NOP, and India Organic NPOP Standards.


Product description

In Indian Ayurveda, Ashoka Powder is one of the foremost uterine tonic and has many traditional uses that help support a healthy female reproductive system. Its name literally means 'remover of sorrow', attesting to its ability to promote health and healing. It is useful for supporting a regular monthly cycle and for promoting a normal, healthy menstrual flow. Ashoka soothes the nerves and promotes uterine comfort while helping to promote healthy ovarian and endometrial tissue.

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